Labrinth On Debut Album 'Electronic Earth': "I've Delivered"

28 February 2012, 07:51 | Updated: 28 February 2012, 08:08

The 'Let The Sun Shine' singer says he is happy with the result of his first record as a solo artists.

Labrinth he promised he has "delivered" on his debut album and thinks fans will enjoy the record.

The 'Earthquake' singer is preparing to launch his first solo album 'Electronic Earth' next month, and says it was scary listening back to the completed record the other day.

"I listened to the album the other night and I was, to be quite frank, s**t-scared and excited all at the same time," Labrinth told the Daily Star this week. 

He added: "But I feel like I've delivered, man."

The 'Let The Sun Shine' singer is due to officially launch 'Electronic Earth' on 19th March, following the release of his third solo single 'Last Time' earlier in the month.

Labrinth is currently on tour across the UK and will perform tonight (28th February) at Leeds Metropolitan University.