Labrinth Exclusively Reveals There Is A Mystery Ed Sheeran Collab Floating Around!

17 September 2014, 16:16

Labrinth lets us in on some VERY exciting gossip about a certain Ed Sheeran collaboration…

When Labrinth came in to see us at Capital this week, he ended up spilling some VERY exciting gossip – there is a joint track between him and Ed Sheeran floating around somewhere! 

Labrinth revealed that he and Ed had worked on a track together but the song didn’t quite fit with the rest of either album.

Labrinth explained, “I have a brief for my album, I’m like ‘it needs to sound like this or it’s not going on’, and Ed was quite the same.”

“We made a sick record but it’s weird, it’s like we kind of both disowned it. We both just went, ‘yeah, it’s really good but it’s not going on MY album!’”

Will we ever hear this Lab/Ed track? Guess we will just have to wait and see! 

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