Ke$ha: "I have a wicked tour, it won't disappoint!"

Ke$ha is still waiting for the big cheque, but says money cant buy her happiness.

Shes one of the hottest things in pop right now, but despite worldwide success with Tik-Tok and new single Blah Blah Blah, Ke$ha is still waiting for that big pay cheque.

But, despite her new worldwide fame, Ke$ha told our showbiz reporter Kevin Hughes, that  although shed like the money one day, it wont change her outlook on life. The Tennessee star came in to Capital for a chat and told me "Its not the point for me. One day I wouldnt mind hiding away on an island recording by myself. But Im not one of those traditional pop princesses that wont wear anything twice, or spend way too much money on overpriced champagne at clubs. I still dont understand it, still too this day. I dont buy into the spending too much money just because you can."

Ke$ha's philosophy? "Money and happiness are not related - "I've been super-broke and super happy, and now I have more money than I had before and I'm still super-happy, but they have nothing to do with each other."

Ke$ha also confirmed that UK fans are in for a real treat when Ke$ha returns to the UK for her own solo tour. "I have a wicked tour, it wont disappoint! Its also rumoured that Ke$ha will star on American Idol this week.

What Ke$ha as a role model? Well, apparently all that talk about brushing your teeth with Jack Daniels shouldn't be taken seriously. Though she does concede she keeps a stock of whisky in her purse inside a water bottle. Nice!