Ke$ha calls our capital Londizzle!

Could Ke$ha be taking over from Gaga as queen of all things odd? Earlier this week she revealed to various publications that she wears her placenta around her neck, while also sharing her love for fat, bearded hillybilly men.

She could be bringing the weird to London if the above is anything to go by - or should we say 'Londizzle'! Yes Ke$ha has now changed the name of our fair city - we're not sure if it's going to catch on.

In her recent interview with our evening hosts Rich & Kat, the star also revealed that she prefers marking her territory with glitter, rather than we...okay, we're going to stop there. Catch the full interview by hitting that big play button below!

Rich & Kat chat with Ke$ha

Do you like Ke$ha's pet name for London? Should we be calling it Londizzle? Let us know below: