Ke$ha: 'I'll bleed for my fans'

The 'Tik Tok' singer makes a bizarre Glastonbury confession.

Kicking off proceedings in the Glastonbury dance tent was rebel rock star Ke$ha, who couldn't have been happier to be there.

"Umm. Today was epic!!!!" Ke$ha tweeted.

"I played the dance tent for the glasto thursday partiers... tomorrow!!Dance tent!! again!! 

"I've been f***ing waiting my whole life for the chance to play glastonbury!!"

Despite her excitement, the set didn't go completely smoothly as a seriously sore throat left Ke$ha bleeding for the love of music.

But the true professional that she is continued on regardless, saying she's more than happy to suffer for her singing.

"My throat was bleeding. there's nothing more worth my blood than my fans," she tweeted. 

"Ill scream till I bleed all summer long for u guys. (sic)"