Kelly Clarkson - 'Since U Been Gone' (Live At Capital's Summertime Ball 2015) - WATCH

Kelly takes things old school - and gives them the ULTIMATE pop anthem to set off the party!

If you can resist SCREAMING the chorus to this Kelly Clarkson classic then, well, you’re a stronger person than anyone we know!

WATCH all the live performances from our Summertime Ball 2015, with Vodafone!

The fans demanded it, so of COURSE Kelly had to take things old school with her anthem ’Since U Been Gone’, which is basically the purest slice of pop amazing-ness ever to grace the airwaves. Agreed?

Her performance of the hit at our Summertime Ball 2015 With Vodafone proved that, while the track is over ten years-old now (WTF??) it will live on as long as people love it! And clearly… that will be for a VERY long time!