Kelly Clarkson: Recording New Album Was "Smooth And Easy"

Kelly Clarkson has said she's delighted with how recording went for her new album 'Stronger'.

The 'Mr Know It All' singer has described recording her latest album as "smooth and easy".

29-year-old Kelly said the team involved in the production of her fifth studio album are delighted with the results.

"My label loves the album," she told The Hollywood Reporter. "The stars kind of aligned on this one. I'm on cloud nine at the moment.

"I think it's because everybody knows each other better. Everyone's on the same team, no-one's fighting with anybody."

The former American Idol contestant went on to reveal that the recording process is becoming more straightforward with every new LP.

"As you get more experience under your belt, now when I walk into a studio, I don't have to describe what I want to do. When you have something to go off of, it gets easier," she added.

Kelly has said recently that she hasn't used auto-tune for her latest album and that she feels it's her best one yet.