Watch: Ryan Seacrest Flirt With Katy Perry Thinking It Was An Ad-Break On American Idol

15 May 2018, 11:11

Eek, is it just us or does this make for a seriously awkward watch?

Katy Perry has been providing so much entertainment this year as an American Idol judge - but also proved she is also a complete professional, more so even than the show's host Ryan Seacrest who didn't realise the cameras were rolling and went... weird.

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Despite Katy letting Ryan know "we're on!" he continued to chill on stage with the judges, telling Katy her mum is pretty and even gets onto another pretty strange conversation about Katy being a mother.

The best part is when it slowly dawns on him this has all been put onto live TV... he he...he.

Picture: GIPHY

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