WATCH: 'Stranger Things' & 'Game Of Thrones' Join Forces In Katy Perry's 'Swish Swish' Video

22 August 2017, 07:46

Katy has pulled a few industry favours on this one!

'Swish Swish' is our jam, hell, it is EVERYONE'S jam right? Katy's 2017 comeback has been nothing short of amazing and now she's taken it to a whole new level.

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When you're the biggest star in the world, how can you keep topping what you did for your last music video? Hire in ALL of the biggest actors on TV to star in your latest music video of course!

Stars such as Terry Crews, Thor "The Mountain" Björnsson (YES, 'Game Of Throne's styley), Jenna Ushkowitz, Gaten Matarazzo of 'Stranger Things', Christine Sydelko and of course Nicki Minaj all appear in the video!

katy perry swih swish

Okay...breathe....the worlds of 'Stranger Things' and 'Game Of Thrones' are colliding and we almost can't handle it....breathe.

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Anyone remember the time Katy Perry changed the lyrics to 'Swish Swish' to be nice to Taylor Swift? No? Go, go, go!