Katy Perry Hoping For Another 'Firework'

Katy says that single is a sign of things to come from her new album.

After winning the prestigious Best Video awards for 'Firework' at this weekend's MTV VMAs, Katy talked about why that single had such an impact.

"Firework to me is a movement," Katy explained.

"You can always sing songs about bitches and hoes but I think it takes a little bit more to do a song like 'Firework'."

So with a new album in the pipeline, Katy has been working with one of the producers from her 'Teenage Dream' record to hopefully create another killer single.

"In da studio with @trickystewart I love him!" Katy tweeted yesterday.

"He gives me that hummingbird heartbeat!!! Follow him!!!"

Katy, who's currently on her California Dreams tour, hasn't yet announced a release date for the new album.