Katy Perry Unveils Music Video Trailer For New Song 'Roar' - Video

27 August 2013, 09:05

The 'Part Of Me' singer echoes Tarzan by swinging through the trees in her new promo.

Katy Perry has unveiled a short promotional trailer for the music video of her brand new single 'Roar'.

The 'Part Of Me' star released the teaser fresh from her huge performance at the MTV Video Music Awards 2013 on Sunday (25th August), which saw her singing 'Roar' from inside a boxing ring.

The promo trailer for 'Roar' features a host of exotic animals like monkeys and elephants making their way through the jungle before Katy leaps in like Tarzan on a swinging vine as the song kicks in.

Katy is expected to unveil the full music video for 'Roar' over the next few weeks, ahead of her new album 'Prism' being released in OCtober.

This week also saw Katy giving fans the chance to hear two brand new songs from her album, 'Dark Horse' and 'Walking On Air', and giving fans the chance to vote which will be her next release.

Katy Perry released 'Roar' earlier this week and launches her album 'Prism' on 22nd October.

Check out the newly unveiled teaser clip for Katy Perry's new 'Roar' video: