Katy Perry Being Lined Up For Date With Prince Harry?

6 March 2012, 07:41

The Royal is apparently keen on getting the 'Teenage Dream' singer to perform at The Queen's Diamond Jubilee gig this summer.

Prince Harry is reportedly wanting to get Katy Perry to perform at The celebratory concert for The Queen's Diamond Jubilee this summer and hopes to get a date with the singer.

The Daily Star reports that the Royal thinks the singer is a "rocking artist" and is confident his charm can woo the newly single star.

A source told the publication: "Harry has a double reason for targeting Katy. First he thinks she is a rocking artist with great songs. But secondly she is single and very sexy.

"He sees this as an opportunity to get close to Katy. And he is confident his charm will win her over. And although Katy may have ended it with Russell, she still has a soft spot for wild boys."

Organiser of the event, Gary Barlow, recently confessed that he had been asked by both Prince Harry and Prince William to try and secure some high profile US names for the concert with Kanye West reportedly top of the most wanted list.

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