Katy Perry's #OneLoveManchester Dress Included Pictures Of The Victims As A Touching Tribute

5 June 2017, 09:22 | Updated: 5 June 2017, 13:49

Talk about making a tribute!

Katy Perry's perfromance athe the #OneLoveManchester tribute show was stunning - she certainly knows how to make sure everyone feels the love.

Well not only did Katy make everyone tell everyone they loved each other, but she also paid a huge tribute to the victims of the recent Manchester attack by wearing pictures of them on her outfit.

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Whilst performing 'Part Of Me' and 'Roar' Katy wore a gorgeous white outfit and you could clearly see the pictures of the people that lost their lives. Her collar, cuffs and the entire back of her dress was made up of the pictures in what is a truly powerful tribute.

Justin Bieber also got pretty choked up as he performed to the huge crowd at Old Trafford Cricket Ground...