Katy Perry: "It Was Tough Just Listening To Christian Music" - Part Of Me Exclusive

27 June 2012, 17:31 | Updated: 27 June 2012, 17:53

Watch an exclusive clip from the 'Teenage Dream' star's forthcoming movie, Part Of Me: 3D, only on Capital FM.

Katy Perry has admitted her parents found it difficult when she stopped singing gospel music.

In a Capital FM exclusive clip from her forthcoming movie Part Of Me: 3D, the 'Teenage Dream' star is seen performing one of her Christian songs live.

But, despite acknowledging her success with the genre, Katy admits in the footage that she found it "tough" not being allowed to sing pop music.

"I'd have these little ditties that would go around and round in my head," she says. "Singing in the shower, singing as I was walking along the streets of Santa Barbara, so I asked for a guitar.

"That's when I really started writing songs. I did a gospel record when I was 15. To me that was becoming successful, but it was really tough because the only kind of music I was allowed to listen to was Christian music."

Katy adds: "I think it took a little bit of time for my parents to adjust when I stopped singing gospel music."

Katy Perry is seen reading at a young age in Capital's exclusive preview:

The exclusive clip, which you can watch below, sees Katy as a toddler, in addition to a rare look at her performing one of her gospel songs at a live performance.

Part Of Me: 3D marks Katy's first big screen adventure, offering fans the unique opportunity to see highlights from her recent 'California Dreams' world tour.

When the film is released on 5th July, cinema-goers will also see Katy growing up in California and discussing her much publicised split from Russell Brand in 2011.

Check out highlights from Katy's Part Of Me: 3D movie premiere below.