Katy Perry Says New Movie Covers Russell Brand Split: "I Get To My Lowest Point"

22 June 2012, 15:21 | Updated: 22 June 2012, 15:38

The 'Firework' singer says it was important to feature her whole story in the film, including her recent relationship problems.

Katy Perry says her new 3D concert movie will show fans "under the hood" of her life, and says she included scenes about her relationship problems last year to show people that she goes through the same things as they do.

The 'California Gurls' singer admits that although it can be uncomfortable  to watch back footage of herself getting upset, following her separation from husband Russell Brand at the end of last year, Katy says it wouldn't have been honest to leave out such a big part of her life.

"I think that if you were to see the movie and it was completely avoided you would come out of the theatre thinking, 'Hmmm, that's strange, I know something else did happen at that time in her life last year'," Katy told host Jay Leno during a US talk show appearance this week. "So I wanted to handle it very delicately, with the most integrity I could possibly have, and show people that I'm going through some of the same situations that most of America, or half of America, goes through.

"Somehow I landed on my feet, and you don't have to lay down and die even if you feel like you're going to," Katy explained. "It wasn't always exciting to watch those unflattering scenes where I'm crying and having an intense moment, but I think that people will relate to the movie even more, seeing me at my lowest point and now at my highest point."

She added: "I wanted to show people what was under the hood."

Check out a picture of Katy Perry with US talk show host Jay Leno this week below (Credit: Twitter):

Earlier today Katy was quoted as saying she wanted to show fans, through the more unflattering scenes in her 3D movie, that you don't always have to be perfect, and said she now feels more comfortable in her own skin.

Katy Perry launches her new concert movie Katy Perry: Part Of Me 3D in the US and the UK on 5th July.