Katy Perry: Part Of Me 3D Review - Ten Key Scenes To Watch Out For

2 July 2012, 18:24 | Updated: 2 July 2012, 18:28

Capital takes a look at Katy Perry's 3D concert experience and picks out some of the key scenes in the film.

Katy Perry's 3D concert movie is almost here and the 'California Gurls' star has been busy promoting the highly anticipated film across the world for several weeks now.

Hailed as much more than just a simple concert documentary, Part Of Me aims to give cinema goers the complete Katy Perry experience, taking viewers behind the scenes on her mammoth 2011 'California Dreams' world tour and showing them both the highs and lows of her whirlwind life over the past twelve months.

To celebrate the worldwide release of Katy Perry: Part Of Me 3D, we present you with some of the key scenes, both humorous and sometimes upsetting, that make Katy's 3D debut a cinematic experience worth your time and money.

1. Katy Perry kicks off her 'California Dreams' world tour

The film kicks off with an overview of Katy's massive 124-date 2011 world tour before flashing back to the very first ever 'California Dreams' show in Portugal back in February last year.

Katy is seen being incredibly nervous before making her debut and shares a group high five backstage at the Campo Pequeno in Lisbon with her dancers. The scene is particularly notable for being the first time viewers see Katy with husband Russell Brand, when she invites him to join in the moment just minutes before she embarks on the biggest tour of her career.

After the show Katy is then seen at a meet and greet session with several lucky fans, including a woman pregnant with twins. While congratulating her on the news Katy gets a big shock when one of the babies says hello with a kick while she holds the woman's stomach.

2. Katy Perry's 91 year-old grandmother steals the show

One of Part Of Me 3D's biggest treats is Katy's scene-stealing grandmother Ann Hudson. The 'Hot 'n Cold' singer's 91 year-old grandparent bring the laughs as soon as she appears on screen, describing Katy as a "show-off" and an "attention getter" in her youth and joking about her granddaughter's behaviour. 

The pair's close relationship is one of the film's highlights, and her grandma's pride is on full show in a scene where Katy presents her with a gift of a customised pink 'California Dreams' tour jacket.

3. Katy reveals she was banned from watching The Smurfs as a child

Edited into some of the genuinely spectacular live performances of hits including 'Teenage Dream' and 'E.T.' is footage of a fresh-faced Katy talking to the camera about her hopes and dreams for the future, as well as the difficulty of growing up in a family that didn't approve of her pop music ambitions.

"Anything that had to do with god was OK," Katy reveals, during an interview about her upbringing. "I wasn't allowed to watch the Smurfs!"

Katy's revelation that she often felt unable to think for herself shows just how far she has come in having to forge her own path in life away from family.

4. Katy Perry opens up about her early career troubles in the industry

Part Of Me 3D succeeds in many ways but one way in which it really works is in disproving the myth that Katy Perry was an overnight pop sensation. 

Having been dropped by one record label and misused by another, the film goes into great detail about Katy's struggle to establish her identity as a singer.

A former employee of Columbia Records notably recalls how she helped Katy get out of the company and introduced her to a label boss at Capital Records, her current record label.

"I stole all the files [on Katy]. I grabbed all the files, and put them under my arm, and I just snuck out," the employee revealed.

5. Katy Perry's parents discuss her first single 'I Kissed A Girl'

Much has been made of Katy's heavily religious parents and their relationship with Katy, and Part Of Me 3D does touch on this while focusing on debut of Katy's first ever single, 'I Kissed A Girl'.

Despite their daughter's excitement about getting her first song on commercial radio and the worldwide chart success that followed its release, it's clear Katy's minister parents were uncomfortable about the song's subject matter at the time, but it's clear from recent interviews that the issues have long since petered out.

"We just love her, no matter what she sings," Katy's mum Mary defiantly says in one scene.

6. Katy Perry reveals her first date with comedian Russell Brand

There's no denying that many non-Katy Perry fans just might pay the ticket price to find out the real story behind Katy's marriage to British comedian Russell Brand, and Part Of Me 3D cover the beginning of the relationship with bittersweet optimism.

"I remember her saying, he's cute," Katy's sister Angela recalls, about the first time she saw Russell while filming on Get Him To the Greek.

Katy says she rebuffed Russell's advances at first and demanded he 'wine and dine' her, until their eventually went on a real date at a New York City restaurant, and viewers witness a tender moment between the pair when Russell joins her on tour and endearingly refers to her as "sausage".

"I think maybe this is just a fantasy idea in my head, but I think I honestly found the love of my life," Katy tells the camera, after the pair were married. "But it took a while."

7. Adele and Rihanna give their opinion on Katy Perry

Midway through the Part Of Me 3D fans are given a glimpse of what some of the biggest names in pop think of the 'Wide Awake' singer, including Adele, Jessie J and best friend Rihanna. 

Adele says Katy can write a "killer tune" and praises her for not having any filler tracks on second album 'Teenage Dream', Jessie simply describes her as "fricking cool", while in one funny scene Katy walks past a heavily costumed Lady Gaga and the two share a joke about the impracticality of her outfit. 

Katy and Rihanna have always been very open about their friendship, as well as their desire to record together at some point in the future, and Rihanna credits the 'E.T.' singer's pop success with always being "true to herself".

8. Katy's relentless tour schedule causes problems with Russell

The problems in Katy and Russell's marriage are shown beginning to appear around halfway through the 'California Dreams' world tour, when Katy's busy touring schedule begins to cause problems with seeing each other.

Katy is seen desperately trying to fit just a couple of days in for a trip to see Russell in London or the US, and says she is just doing what she can to "keep a marriage alive".

"It's not like the movies. It's a lot more compromise and a lot more sacrifice," Katy tells us, during a particularly stressful part of her tour.

9. Katy Perry struggles to cope during her split from Russell Brand during the tour

Despite the overwhelmingly positive message of Part of Me 3D, the film does delve into particularly dark and frank territory when the audience see an exhausted Katy struggling with the impending end of her marriage, with Katy weeping backstage before one of her biggest 'California Dreams' tour dates in late 2011.

Katy is visibly distraught during the scene but manages to pulls herself together to get ready for the show, but has a second breakdown just minutes before she is due on stage and forces a smile as she heads up through the stage in San Paolo.

The high emotions of that particular show are made all the more bittersweet when the audience, perhaps noticing the star's fragility, start up a chant of "We Love You Katy", causing her to become emotional and reply, "I wish I spoke Portugese!"

10. Katy Perry looks to the future and hopes for a "second chance" at life

Despite this the film ends on a resoundingly optimistic note, with Katy trying to move on from the split and supporting sister Angela through preparations for her own wedding. 

End-capped by performances of her biggest hits 'Firework' and 'California Gurls', Katy looks forward to getting a second chance at love and continuing her hugely successful music career.

"I feel like I've got a second chance at a brilliant life," Katy muses, in one of the final scenes. "Mind you, I already have a brilliant life, I just need to remind myself of that."

Katy Perry: Part Of Me 3D is due out in cinemas from 5th July.

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