Katy Perry On Her Parents: "They Were Super-Worried About Pop Career"

3 March 2012, 13:37

The 'Part Of Me' star opens up about her evangelical mother and father.

Katy Perry has admitted that her parents were "super-worried" when she decided to launch her pop career.

The singer said her mother and father, who are both ministers, were aware of the hard work that it took to become successful.

"When I told my parents I wanted to do this for a living they were supportive, of course, because they're my parents," she said.

"But I think more than anything they were just kind of sh***ing their pants. They were super-worried."

Katy added to Interview magazine: "Unfortunately, I think a lot of people are affected more by the idea of fame than the actual work ethic involved. A lot of them just want to be reality TV–type people who don’t do anything.

"And if they actually want to pursue a skill, whether it’s creating or writing or acting . . . Well, that’s hard. Even if you actually have the good intent to do something creative or special with your life, it’s hard.

"I mean, look at the number of people who actually get the opportunity."

Katy also spoke during the interview about her desire to launch a movie career and new album, which she said would not be another attempt at her second effort, 'Teenage Dream'.