Is Katy Perry Planning To Leave Pop Behind? Check Out Her Plans For An Acoustic Album!

7 August 2014, 10:26 | Updated: 7 August 2014, 10:27

Katy Perry on tour in New York

The 'Unapologetic' star wants a drastic change of direction for her music on a future record.

Katy Perry's got an ace up her sleeve…. and she's planning a VERY different sort of new album in the future!

The 'Roar' star dropped the bombshell this week that one day she wants to drop the bubblegum pop in favour of a completely acoustic album. And we TOTALLY reckon Katy could pull it off!

"I think I have a lot of different personalities inside of me concerning music and I love a lot of different things, and I like to try things, and I feel like I don't ever want to be just one genre, you know?" Katy explained to Rolling Stone in their new issue. "I want to maybe break the ideas of what boundaries pop stars should be in, you know?

"I want to do an acoustic record and do a tour that's all theatres and just have my acoustic guitar and my Telecaster," Katy then excitingly revealed. "I'm waiting to play that ace in a couple of years and it will be so exciting.

"Because I know I've had that up my sleeve for so long. I don't have to prove anything to anyone because I know who I am," the US star added.

Count us in Katy… if it's just you and an acoustic guitar we'll DEFINITELY be there in the crowd with bells on!

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