Katy Perry Declares: "Real Men Cry When Watching My Movie" – Video

6 July 2012, 06:43

The 'I Kissed A Girl' star talks to Capital about one of the most emotional scenes in her new 3D blockbuster.

Katy Perry believes "real men" cry when watching her new 3D movie Part Of Me.

The 'Firework' star spoke to Capital FM about one particular scene in the film where she was poised with the thought of cancelling her show in Sao Paolo because she was emotionally distraught.

"Well I think that real men well up when watching the Katy Perry film," she declared.

The scene sees the star bent over sobbing just moments before she is due on stage and all of a sudden turning on her professionalism and her smile before arriving on stage.

"That was a very emotional part in Sao Paulo where I had to basically throw myself on stage and separate my personal life from my professional because I didn't want to make it the audience's problem," she confessed.

The American star admitted it would have been very easy to simply cancel the show but she believed her fans did not deserve that.

"They had been waiting forever and when ever I think about the fact that maybe I could cancel a show I go 'well those people have been waiting and then all their babysitters have been waiting," she added.

You can view a picture of Katy with some of her fans at the UK premiere of the movie below:

"There's so many people affected, I'm just one person so just get on the stage."

Katy's new movie hit cinema screens last night (5th July) and the singer told Capital that she would love Rihanna and Prince Harry to go down and see the film.

Meanwhile, the singer also confessed that she wants her next studio album to be the "black box" of who she is.

Watch Katy Perry speaking to Capital FM's showbiz reporter Kevin Hughes about not letting her fans down below: