QUIZ: Can You Name Which Katy Perry Song These Lyrics Come From?

19 August 2015, 09:54

It's time to get our Katy Perry on in an intense battle with your own memory. Come on, you know the words to 'Teenage Dream'... right?

Are you a big Katy Perry fan? You are?! Well now it's the time to prove it. We've put together a pretty tricky quiz for all you #KatyCats out there to test whether or not you know the difference between 'Roar' and 'T.G.I.F'... to name just a couple!

To get you in the mood, why not practice your Katy knowledge by watching our exclusive video above.

>Fashion Face-Off: Katy Perry Vs. Taylor Swift

So... are you ready? No cheating now. Go!


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