“I Don’t Want To End Up Bittersweet”: Katy Perry Talks About Her Divorce And Motherhood

26 May 2015, 11:06

Katy perry in Italy

Katy’s spoken about getting details of her divorce via text message from Russell Brand, renaming their cat and her future plans for motherhood.

Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s divorce was one of the most-publicised celebrity splits of recent years and the ‘Firework’ star has spoken out about how she won’t let her break up leave her jaded in love.

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Katy previously revealed that Russell had announced that he was filing for divorce via text message, but the pair haven’t spoken since that text. She told the Daily Telegraph, “He hasn't spoken to me since he texted me saying he was filing for divorce. I don't want to talk about him - my songs will say what I need to say.”

Katy also admitted that she kept their joint cat, then called Krusty, "I still have the cat. But I've changed her name to Monkey."

But despite the messy split, Katy’s open to finding love again. She revealed, “I'm excited by whatever it brings. I'm excited by my own evolution, I don't want to end up bittersweet.”

She also admits that combining love and a career can be difficult for women these days, “I think it can be for a modern woman. I always thought you could have a relationship and success. I have to evolve, I have to continue to push people's perceptions of me. As an artist I like to do that, keep people on the edge of their seats."

"For a modern woman it's important to be supported and that there is equality in every aspect. And it's not two halves that make a whole. It's two wholes that make a whole."

And as for the future, Katy definitely sees herself starting a family one day. She admitted, “I'm still growing up, I'm still learning about myself. When I become a mother I just want to become a mother and be dedicated to that."

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