This Katy Perry & Jurassic Park Theme Mash Up Is EVERYTHING!!

24 June 2015, 08:02

A Katy Perry remix to end all remixes. This is what Katy Perry's 'Roar' would sound like smashed together with the Jurrasic World tune...

Sitting strong at the top of the charts the Jurrasic Park theme tune is most definitely one of the most unexpected number one's, and listening to the hit we couldn't help but imagine what the song would sound like with a modern twist, say a bit of Katy Perry's jungle-tastic hit 'Roar'.

So to celebrate that and the fact that Capital's Dave Berry & Lisa Snowdon have discovered the video editing software on their MacBook, here's an impressive Jurrasic Park theme MIXED with Katy Perry's 'Roar' featuring 'Jurassy J'!

The video is pretty awesome too right?! We reckon this remix NEEDS to appear on Katy's next album.

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