Katy Perry: 'I spent six hours in make-up for E.T.'

Katy Perry has revealed she spent hours in make-up for her latest video 'E.T.'

The clip, which made its debut yesterday (31.03), saw the singer having to endure up to six hours of preparation.

'It was, like, five and six hours, each make-up look,' Katy told MTV News. 'It was hard for me! It was really a patience thing for me on this video.

'But you know, it's like when you're doing a film. Sometimes you have to do prosthetics and you have to get really old or turn into an animal or a monster - and that's kind of what this process was.'

Check out the video below...

Meanwhile, Katy has just scored her fifth Number One in the US with the track after clocking up over 254,000 downloads in the last week.

"I am so thrilled that 'E.T.' has landed at No. 1,' she told Billboard. 

'I want to thank all the fans who contributed to this amazing feat and radio, which has been an essential part of my continued existence.

'I truly appreciate all the support of my creative twists and turns.'