Katy Perry "Grateful For Russell" After Amy Death

The 'E.T.' singer is relieved her hubby got clean and sober.

After hearing the news that Amy Winehouse had died, Katy Perry felt lucky that her husband Russell Brand got clean aged 27 after his past addictions.

"My heart felt really sad," Katy told Good Morning America.

"My husband, who has been clean and sober for almost nine years, I see him working a programme and working on himself every single day.

"And I see how much work it takes to stay clean and sober when you have addiction on your hands."

Russell became mates with Amy Winehouse shortly after he left rehab and thought she was a "f**king genius."

Both Russell and Katy have paid tribute to the late singer, with Katy adding at the end of her interview:

"I feel really sad and I hope she finds peace."