Katy Perry "Freaked Out" After Seeing Ghost On Set Of New Perfume Advert?

12 February 2013, 11:10 | Updated: 12 February 2013, 11:38

The 'I Kissed A Girl' singer is said to have seen a man staring at her in a mirror as she filmed the promo.

Katy Perry reportedly "freaked out" when she encountered a ghost during a video shoot for her new perfume.

The 'Part Of Me' singer was filming the promo out in Hollywood when the incident occurred and she saw a gentleman looking back at her in a mirror.

"Katy freaked out in her dressing room," a source revealed to the Daily Star. "She was on her own and spotted the ghostly figure of a man with a moustache staring at her in the mirror."

The US star was filming at an old French chateau-style mansion in Hollywood and immediately left the room following the incident.

"She let out an almighty scream and fled her room in horror," the insider added.

The 'Hot N Cold' singer was then told by a member of her crew that the location they were filming was rumoured to be haunted, which meant she needed calming down further from the director.

"He took her aside and soothed her by saying they'd cover every mirror and keep a security guard by her side," the source continued.

Meanwhile, the singer was causing a lot of people to stare at her at this weekend's Grammy Awards 2013 – wearing an eye-popping lime green outfit.

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