Foxes Recalls Meeting Katy Perry: "I Was Freaking Out!" - Watch

5 March 2014, 15:51 | Updated: 6 March 2014, 14:59

The 'Let Go For Tonight' star chats to Max all about meeting Katy and loving a bit of Beyonce.

Foxes has revealed that Katy Perry is a big fan of hers and recently congratulated her on her Grammy Award win earlier this year.

The 'Let Go For Tonight' singer says she was left "freaking out" after Katy tracked her down at the Elle Style Awards last month to chat and meet each other in person.

"It is really strange. It's so odd because I met Katy Perry," Foxes revealed on Max's show last night (4th March). "I didn't actually get to meet her at the Grammys but I was at the Elle Style Awards the other day and she ran up behind me and grabbed me.

"She just grabbed me and was like ,'Why didn't you come and find me at the Grammys? I really wanted to meet you!'" Foxes recalled. "And then she congratulated me on the Grammy.


"I was just freaking out. I just totally fangirl over everyone and then apologise," she added.

The UK star, who is currently enjoying a huge Vodafone Big Top 40 hit with her single 'Let Go For Tonight', also opened up about her love for Beyonce and working with Rudimental.


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