Ellen DeGeneres Forgot About Katy Perry's Marriage Live On Air & It Got Awkward Fast

17 May 2017, 16:35

Ellen DeGeneres & Katy Perry

Probably not her finest moment.

As one of the biggest presenters in the world, Ellen DeGeneres is always the biggest professional around. However whilst interviewing Katy Perry recently, Ellen forgot quite an important piece of info about her music guest and accidentally revealed it live on the show.

Ellen decided to put Katy through a game of 'Will You Perry Me?' - which was basically a version of Would You Rather - and Ellen completely forgot that Katy had previously been married to Russell Brand. Needless to say things got awkward pretty quickly.

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Ellen, how could you forget about the fabulous Russell Brand!?

As Ellen tried to skim over the fact that Katy's marriage had completely slipped her mind, the 'Bon Appetit' singer made sure to draw more attention to the presenter's forgetfulness by reminding her that she actually gave the couple some wedding gifts live on the show! Awks.

During the game, Katy initially picked Harry Styles, but ended up opting both Prince Harry and Leonardo DiCaprio, but she was quick to say "I think they all have girlfriends and baby mamas so I'm not coming for any of them."

She also revealed that she'd kissed a number of the men included before, but wouldn't say who! Oh Katy you tease.

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