Katy Perry Reveals Embarrassing Childhood Memory: "I Was Suspended For Humping A Tree"

4 July 2012, 18:25 | Updated: 4 July 2012, 20:19

The 'Wide Awake' singer has revealed she was suspended for rehearsing a school play love scene on a tree.

Katy Perry has recalled one of her most embarrassing childhood moments where she was suspended from school for "humping a tree".

The 'Part Of Me' star was asked to talk about one of her geekiest moments and revealed she was once disciplined for practicing a school play love scene with a tree.

"When I was in sixth grade I was suspended from school for humping a tree!" Katy told film critic Jake Hamilton, while promoting her new 3D concert movie Katy Perry: Part Of Me 3D.

"We were doing a play on Greek mythology and I was Aphrodite," Katy recalled, while giggling. "My love interest was absent and so I used the tree as my partner."

When asked why she was suspended for her faux pas Katy simply replied: "It was a Christian school."

While discussing her geeky side the 'Wide Awake' star also revealed that she sleeps with two stuffed animals and is a big fan of sci-fi movies like Blade Runner and The Fifth Element.

Check out a picture of Katy Perry at the London premiere of Part Of Me 3D below (Credit: PA):

Katy arrived back in the UK earlier this week and launched Part Of Me 3D last night (3rd July) in Leicester Square with a star-studded London premiere.

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