Katy Perry Says 'Cheers' To Rihanna No. 1

Katy drinks to her pop BFF Rihanna as her new single heads for the top spot.

Rihanna's new single has been climbing the US iTunes charts this week and RiRi's bezzie has been showing her support through drinks and tweets!

"#Cheers is gonna go #1 for sure! Just like Only Girl!" Katy said on Twitter.

"I'm betting shots of patron in Brazil on it NOW! I drink to dat!"

Rihanna, who is currently on holiday in Italy, is planning to hook up with Katy in Brazil for the Rock In Rio event this September where they can celebrate her chart success together.

"@katyperry Patrooooonnnnn?????? WhYyyyyy???? I miss u bitch!" Rihanna replied.

"See u in Rio but let's toast Don ju instead PLZ"

Rihanna's new single 'Cheers (Drink To That)' will be released here on Sunday 11th September, ahead of her UK 'Loud' tour.