Katy Perry Tweets Her Approval Of Fast & Furious Star Vin Diesel's Dancing Video - Watch

29 January 2014, 15:33

The Hollywood hunk has gone viral after posting a clip of himself singing along and dancing to 'Dark Horse'.

Katy Perry has tweeted her approval to Vin Diesel after seeing the Fast & The Furious star's viral video of himself dancing along to her new single 'Dark Horse'.

The Riddick actor shared a seven-minute video on his Facebook page this week that sees him singing along and pulling some dance moves to songs by Katy Perry and Beyonce to show his excitement for the DVD release of his latest movie

"Guys, I'm just excited. I'm happy and I'm shouting up you guys to say thank you," Vin explains halfway through the video. "Universal just called me to say that Riddick is number one on the DVD charts.

"There's no way in the world this would have been made without you guys," he continues. "It's a win for all of us. Really, really thank you so much. I'm excited."

The Hollywood star then switches on Beyonce's Jay-Z collaboration 'Drunk In Love' and shows off more of his dancing skills as well as singing along to the track.

Katy Perry has since posted a tweet after watching the clip for herself, and seems to have enjoyed the action star's efforts.