Katy Perry Thinks Acting Is Harder Than Singing: "I Would have To Train Hard For It"

27 July 2013, 08:45 | Updated: 27 July 2013, 08:47

The 'Teenage Dream' singer says she isn't convinced about moving into acting full-time.

Katy Perry has reassured fans that music will always be her main focus and says she would only move into acting if she could fully commit to working on her craft.

The 'Part Of Me' singer says people often think acting is something you can easily just do alongside singing but claims it it much harder and she would have to "train hard" if she wanted to go that way with her career.

"It's definitely a lot of effort to be an actor, and it's not something just anyone can roll into," Katy revealed in the new issue of Radar magazine. "I think you get a lot of people thinking, 'if I can act, I can sing, if I can sing, I can act' and it's just not true.

"I think seriously I would have to train hard for it if I was going to take a job that works 16 hours a day, five days a week, and you have to love it," the singer explained. "I have a lot of friends who are actors and I see how hard they work.

"I think that it's actually harder and it takes more time than a music career," Katy continued. "You wake up at four or five am. That's commitment.

"If the movie would start filming at 11am then I would do it," she joked.

The 'California Gurls' singer then declared that music "defines" her, saying: "I have it inside me and I'll never lose it."

This week Katy unveiled a brand new poster to promote her new fragrance Killer Queen.

Check out the new promotional poster for Killer Queen below:

Katy Perry voices Smurfette in the new animated sequel The Smurfs 2 out in cinemas on 31st July.