Katy Perry On 3D Movie: "You Will See Exactly What I Mean And Feel About Everything"

23 March 2012, 15:29 | Updated: 23 March 2012, 15:36

The 'Firework' star has told her fans to expect a "best friend perspective" when she releases 'Part Of Me' film this summer.

Katy Perry has told her fans that her upcoming 3D concert movie entitled Katy Perry: Part Of Me will reveal all on her "life changing" tour as she went through her marriage breakdown to comedian Russell Brand.

The 'I Kissed A Girl' singer told MTV that she will offer a "best friend perspective" on the events which occurred in her life at that time as she looks to close the chapter on 'Teenage Dream'.

The star confessed: "It's closing the chapter on 'Teenage Dream', but it's giving you such an inside perspective.This film, you're going to see it from my best friend/buddy perspective, you're going to see exactly what I mean and feel and think about everything."

Katy admitted she went thought "so much" on her last outing and wants people to really know the truth about herself with the film.

She added: "That tour was so life changing to me. I learned so much, I went through so much along the way. I'm not necessarily trying to prove anything to anyone, but not only will people really hands-down know me after they see this film, but you'll see me as the Dorothy wearing the red ruby slipper and at the end of it all I'm the [Wizard of] Oz as well."

The movie will be released in the summer and the singer also recently unveiled the official music video to her latest single 'Part Of Me' earlier this week.