Justin Timberlake On His Film Career: "I Feel Pretty Good About It"

22 May 2013, 13:49

The 'Mirrors' singer says he continues to try and pick the best film projects for his career.

Justin Timberlake says he feels "pretty good" about where his career is going at the moment, particular in terms of his acting career.

The 'Suit & Tie' singer is focusing mainly on his music in 2013, following the release of third album 'The 20/20 Experience', but also has several film projects to promote.

Justin is appearing in the new Coen Brothers film Inside Llewyn Davis, which premiered at Cannes Film Festival last weekend to critical acclaim, and says he always tries hard choose the best projects.

"I feel pretty good about it," Justin told The Metro, when asked about the direction of his acting and music career. "I just feel as though I try to make specific choices for the projects that are inspiring to me.

"If I can continue to do that, then I'll be gratified by whatever the outcome is," he explained. "The more you get to work, the more you realise the journey and the process are the parts you remember forever.

"Sometimes movies are an experience you didn't expect they were going to be," Justin added. "I think you hope for the best and expect the worst, and if it ends up in the middle, you're fine."

View a picture of Justin Timberlake on stage at Cannes Film Festival 2013 last weekend below (Credit: Getty):

It was confirmed earlier this month that a second volume of 'The 20/20 Experience' will be released on 30th September, while Justin's new solo world tour is expected to kick off this autumn.

Justin Timberlake will also be appearing at the Capital FM Summertime Ball 2013 next month (9th June) at Wembley Stadium as the event's special guest host.