John Newman Not A Big Fan Of Miley Cyrus' Image Change: "It's A Bit Ridiculous!"

22 September 2013, 09:05

The 'Cheating' singer also says he was left feeling uncomfortable by her duet with Robin Thicke at the VMAs.

John Newman has revealed he isn't impressed with Miley Cyrus' recent change of image and style, and wasn't a fan of her performance at the MTV VMAs 2013.

The 'Love Me Again' singer says the 'We Can't Stop' star's transformation into a more mature pop star this year is "a bit ridiculous" and has warned Miley to be careful not to become a "celebrity" rather than a musician. 

"I really don't like bad-mouthing people and I know Miley's been getting a bit of stick lately, but I think she's fair game to be honest!" John revealed to the Daily Star this weekend. "I think it's a bit ridiculous to go from this Disney favourite for kids to what she's doing at the moment.

"I thought her performance with Robin Thicke at the VMAs was a bit like seeing your younger sister trying it on with your mate, or even worse your dad!" he joked. "If that's what she wants to be talked about for then that's cool but I think it damages her changes of longevity.

"It makes her a celebrity rather than a musician," he added.

Check out a picture Miley shared on Instagram recently below (Credit: Instagram):

John Newman releases brand new single 'Cheating' on 7th October before releasing his debut studio album 'Tribute' on 14th October.

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