WATCH: John Newman Releases A Behind The Scenes Video Of ‘Come And Get It’

16 June 2015, 15:20

John Newman - Come And Get It (Behind the Scenes)


If you loved the stunning music video for John’s new single, you NEED to hear the inspiration behind it.

We’re pretty happy John Newman is officially back with his incredible new single ‘Come And Get It’, and the man with the slickest style in music has just released a behind the scenes video from his music video shoot too.

John Newman's new song 'Come And Get It' has arrived and it's BRILLIANT

John says he came up with the idea for the music video, which sees him embroiled in a torrid affair with a woman who leaves her boyfriend to ride off into the sunset with him, but that it was difficult to find someone happy to make his vision a reality.

He explained, “I wrote this full script last time I was here in LA, I wrote it for two videos so one was a prequel to the other, and then we decided we were releasing ‘Come And Get It’ and we went with one of the video ideas and we had directors coming back and they were all coming up with new ideas and saying this idea wouldn’t work.

“I envisioned this vision so much and I stuck to my guns and told my label I really believed in this and we fought on and found Alex Heron who brought an absolute joy into my life and told us this was possible.”

John also revealed that the concept for the video was related to something that had happened in his life but he couldn’t find the courage to talk about it in interviews, only in his music.

“It’s not a fantasy, no. It was a real situation and  I like to make everything as real as possible. It’s a weird one for me to talk about because I’ve been ballsy enough to put it in a video but I don’t think I’m ballsy enough to talk about it in person, which is hard. It’s a hard story to talk about when it’s not in a song, I guess.”

‘Come And Get It’ is the first cut from John’s forthcoming new album and will be released on 17th July.

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