Jessie J Teases 'Who You Are' Video

Jessie J gets fans excited as she films the video for new single 'Who You Are'.

Jessie J spent the weekend filming the video for her new song which is the title track from her album 'Who You Are'.

"Lets make history....," was Jessie first Twitter tease of the weekend.

"On set but for what? :).

"Here is a clue @emilnava @inyourlap @JennyLongworth @itslyndell are here... :)."

The people Jessie name-checked are her hair, makeup and video team who all helped her with the latest creation.

The lyrics to the single talk about believing in yourself, accepting your flaws and staying true to who you are, and it seems the meaning of the song made for an emotional day of filming.

"I am so proud of my team right now," Jessie tweeted after the shoot.

"My favorite video to date. I cannot wait for the world to see it. #justbetruetowhoyouare *Tears*."

The new single is due out later this year, with Jessie's Heartbeat tour kicking off next month.