Jessie J Launches Twitter Rant As She Encourages Fans To "Live In Real Life"

30 January 2013, 11:53

The 'Domino' singer takes an "honest" approach as she reveals she gets "baffled" at some of the negativity on the site.

Jessie J launched a huge Twitter rant yesterday afternoon (29th January) as she sought to encourage fans to live their lives away from social media.

The 'Who's Laughing Now' singer logged onto her social networking account to reveal how surprised she still gets when a "nasty comment" comes from one of her followers.

She wrote: "You send a nasty comment yet you follow me?... Lol. Will always baffle me!"

She then returned to the site later on and addressed some of her fans who message her seeking help, telling them to reduce the time they spend online.

"I have always been honest with my fans. And a few of you tweet me constantly everyday saying "Jessie help me I have no friends," she wrote, and then added: "And my response is blunt and honest because I genuinely care. But being on twitter constantly everyday isn't going to let you grow as a person.."

She continued: "Nor is it going to improve social skills to make friends face to face with people..."

"I know I can't win. And I can't make everyone happy but I will always be honest even if some don't agree. Live your life in real life. Not online. It's not a fact it's just my opinion. That's all x"

The comments have since been deleted from her account.

Meanwhile, Jessie is currently working in the studio on her new album and was recently seen hanging out with N-Dubz star Fazer fueling rumours of a collaboration between the pair.