Jessie J To Do A Britney And Shave Her Head

The 'Nobody's Perfect' singer announces her decision to go bald for charity.

In a moment of reflection after discovering Amy Winehouse had died, Jessie J vowed to make a change and shave her head for a good cause.

"I have decided I will be shaving my head next year to raise money for charity. To me its just hair, to those suffering its a chance to live," Jessie tweeted.

"I am feeling so reflective & emotional. I just want to say to every fan of mine who has thanked me for helping them - I am so proud of all of you. Music is not just to dance to its to also heal. #heartbeats.

"Its hair. It will grow back. Even if it takes 2 years, if it saves lives its worth it. Even if its 1 life that's something. #makeachange."

The promise came just moments after Jessie paid her respect to Amy Winehouse on the social networking site.

"Amy not only did you set the standard for UK females music to break boundaries & have no limits. You bought honesty & life to our lives through your music," she posted.

"I will not only be forever inspired by you but thankful we were blessed by your voice & songs; that will never be forgetten.I will not let you down. #ipromise R.I.P x"