Jessie J Hits Out At TV Critic Who Branded Her "Charmless" On The Voice UK

3 April 2013, 12:21

The 'Domino' star urges fans not to judge someone before they meet them, in response to a poor review.

Jessie J has hit out at a reporter who branded her 'charmless" and "unpleasant" on The Voice UK's season two launch last weekend.

The 'Who You Are' singer took to Twitter this week to air her thoughts on The Sun writer Ally Ross' review of the BBC show's return to screens on this past Saturday (30th March).

"And we hung out when?" Jessie responded on Twitter, with a link to the original story. "An edited version is never the full story.

"You wouldn't write a review on a book after reading 3 pages would you?" the 'Domino' singer continued. "When you go to bitch about someone you have never met… Think… for a second before you do… 'Oh yeah I have NEVER met them'."

Jessie and fellow vocal coaches Sir Tom Jones, Danny O'Donoghue and are all back for season two of the TV talent show, which airs weekends for the next few months as they attempt to find the next big star in music.

Check out a picture of Jessie J's newly bleached hair do below (Credit: Instagram):

This week saw Jessie return to the UK after a short holiday away to Marrakesh with friends to mark her birthday, fresh from bleaching her newly cropped hair blonde.

Jessie J is working on the follow-up to her 2011 debut 'Who You Are', with an expected release later this year before a new arena tour follows.