Jessie J's STB riders

"A kettle, some Manuka honey and some lemons".

That's what Jessie J would love to see in her dressing room at Capital FM's Summertime Ball.

The Price Tag star was one of the first names we revealed for the concert at Wembley Stadium on June 12th. It will be Jessie's Summertime Ball debut and she can't wait,

"I’ve always wanted to do it [Summertime Ball]. I’m on it like sonic.”

Jessie's been tweeting her heartbeats with the news and she admits she's almost addicted to tweeting,

"I think I’m getting better, I recently got cut off because my phone bill was so high and had to have 4 days without Twitter and I think that was a great time for me to get used to not having it. I Tweet when I have the time, and when I do I go mental, and if I don’t my fans know I’m busy, but it is addictive.

"But there has been a time when you’ve had to say enough is enough and be disciplined about it yeah?

Oh yeah, I said to my manager I was really tired and he said “Well we know you were tweeting at 3am and you finished your day at 11."

We look forward to seeing Jessie J in June.