Jessie J Says She Has "Sacrificed" Her Social Life To Stay Healthy For The Fans

5 July 2013, 12:29

The 'Domino' star says she feels a lot of pressure to remain healthy and not go out partying.

Jessie J says she has sacrificed a lot of her social life to be committed to her pop career and make sure she stays healthy to keep performing for her fans.

The 'Wild' singer says there is a lot of pressure on her to stay fit and healthy meaning she often has to stay away from going out with her friends to make sure she doesn't get rundown.

"You are under pressure to always be healthy because there are days in your diary that people have been looking forward to for months," Jessie revealed to The Sun this week. "It's really hard when the fans think it's personal but you can't decide when you are sick.

"So I have literally sacrificed so much in my life where I don't really get to see my friends that much," the 'Domino' singer explained. "I don't go out very often, because I want to stay healthy while I am working and I think it's important."

Check out a picture of Jessie J during her recent stay in Malta below (Credit: Instagram):

Despite being committed to staying healthy and not partying much like many of her pop peers Jessie says it is important to go out once in a while within reason.

"I also think that sometimes I do need to let my hair down and stay up late," she explained. "I do drink when I go out, but I don't really drink very often.

"The odd one is fine, but as an artist, it's not really my thing," she added. "I do have a drink but it's about having everything in moderation."

Today (5th July) saw the shock announcement that Jessie J has stepped down from her vocal coach role on The Voice UK after two series to focus on her music and international touring commitment for had next year.

Jessie J returned last month with new single 'Wild' and her second album is expected out later on in 2013.