Jessie J Being Lined Up By Simon Cowell For The X Factor?

26 March 2012, 18:06 | Updated: 26 March 2012, 18:21

The music mogul apparently wants to "snap up" the 'Domino' star away from her position as a coach on The Voice UK.

Simon Cowell has reportedly confessed that he wants to bring Jessie J on board for the new series of The X Factor after he said she was "one of the best things to come out of British music in years".

The 'Who's Laughing Now' star is currently on BBC music reality show The Voice UK which premiered this weekend.

The People has quoted the music mogul to have said: "I love that girl. She's one of the best things to come out of British music in years. I want to snap her up."

An insider source told the publication that Simon is prepared to make her a huge offer as he looks to knock down the rival show.

The source said: "He thinks Jessie is a huge star. He wants her and he will do anything to make sure she is his. He knows it could be a tough battle but it is one that he is determined to win.

"Simon is always looking to bring down the age of his judging panel and wants to make the show appeal to a younger audience . She is the perfect person to do that. He doesn't care what it takes. Simon wants her and he will do whatever it takes to get her. He rarely doesn't get what he wants."

Meanwhile, rumours have been circulating that Britney Spears is being lined up to take one of the vacant judging roles on The X Factor USA.