Jessie J shocked at drunken fans

Jessie J has taken to Twitter to express her shock after so many fans were drunk at a recent gig in Ireland.

The chart topper described the show at Trinity College in Dublin as 'one of the hardest gigs to date' because students were so intoxicated.

'To see so many people so drunk they couldnt even stand, girls unconcious and them literally trampling on eachother,' she wrote.

'It's hard to sing when I just wanted to go into the crowd and help all the crying girls who were being squashed.'

Some fans hit back over her comments but the singer defended her tweets saying she wasn't 'used to it'.

Jess doesn't drink because of a medical condition.

In further postings, she urged her fans not to binge drink.

'I just want to spread the message that binge drinking is dangerous,' she added. 'I just care.'