“I’ve Realised I’ve Just Got To Let Go”: Jessie J Talks About The Effects Of Fame And Relationships

24 August 2014, 08:00 | Updated: 24 August 2014, 18:08

Jessie J talks exclusively to Capital about life and relationships in the limelight, and why she keeps her personal life private.

Jessie J is famous for keeping her relationships firmly out of the spotlight, and the notoriously private star has good reasons for keeping her boyfriend out of the limelight…

Jessie told Max that she wants a man that wants to be with her, not ‘Jessie J’ the popstar. “Nobody that I'm with wants to be famous or be on a red carpet and if they do, then I don't want to be with them! I want you to have your own life and not be with me because of that.” 

As well as keeping her private life strictly separate to her on-stage persona, Jessie also revealed that she has had to work hard to come to terms with the pressures of fame.

She told Max, “I think I’ve just come to terms with the way my life has changed. There are people that are always going to think that I’ve changed but I know I haven’t, I’ve got the same people around me, the same best mates, and I’m not one of those people that hop to a different best friend every five minutes.”

“People have treated me differently and I had to get used to that. About six months ago I just realized that I’ve just got to let go and just start having fun and stop worrying about every little move I make. I think I’m just a little bit more aware of myself and not putting so much pressure on my shoulders to be perfect.”

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