Jessie J Shows Off Another Party Trick Using Spoons

5 January 2012, 09:44 | Updated: 5 January 2012, 09:53

The 'Who's Laughing Now' singer reveals another impressive stunt which involves balancing spoons on her face.

Jessie J has released a new photograph on her Twitter account showing off another impressive party trick.

The new picture shows the 'Who You Are' singer balancing four spoons on her face unassisted.

Yesterday (4th January) the star posted an image of herself stuffing chocolates into her mouth.

Earlier today she tweeted: "I did this a few days ago. But as you liked the other one so much haha! #skillsround2."

The 'Domino' singer also took to her Twitter account today to express that she she will be working extra hard for her fans in 2012 and has plans to work on new music which she is very much looking forward to.

You can view a picture of Jessie's latest party trick below. 

Jessie J