Jessie J's New Purple Hair

Jessie J has dyed her hair bright purple after being inspired by an unlikely source.

The 'Nobody's Perfect' singer has been recovering from a broken foot but has undergone a drastic hair makeover ready for her return to the stage.

Her new hair colour, however, seems to have come from an unlikely inspiration.

"Erm who has seen the colour of ribena cartons?... The purple at the top :)" Jessie tweeted and then later followed it with a pic.

"PURPLE HAIIIRR!!! My flash sucks! :) what dya think?"

Jessie went on to say she's kept her signature bob style but the new colour is on just in time for her festival comeback.

"I'm happy to announce I will be at 'The Big Chill' festival and 'V Festival'," Jessie posted this weekend.

"#sittingdown but I'll be there :) #booyyyaa :)"