Jessie J: "New Album Will Contain A Lot More Painful Lyrics"

28 December 2011, 10:24

The 'Price Tag' singer admits she is not afraid to explore her darker side as she opens up about the follow up to debut 'Who You Are'.

Jessie J has revealed that she will be writing more "painful" lyrics on her upcoming second album.

The 'Who's Laughing Now' star admitted that she is in a happier place in her life and wants to explore her darker times.

Speaking to the Daily Star, the singer said: "There will be a lot more pain in the lyrics on my next album.

"For the seven years before I signed my record deal I was in a bad place and I was scared that I couldn't get out of it. That's why I wrote such upbeat music, as a way of trying to escape how I felt.

"Now that I am happier, I won't be afraid to explore my pain. But in a good way; it'll be me saying that it's OK not to feel OK."

Jessie confessed that she has been writing new material for quite some time and hopes to try different musical styles and collaborations on the record.

She added: "I'm writing ideas down in my phone every day for new songs and I want to explore every aspect of music more on the next album, from different styles to my voice to what I sing about to who I get to duet with."

Meanwhile, Jessie has already confirmed that she is set to embark on a UK tour sometime in 2012.