Jessie J Reveals Hair Is Naturally Blonde: "I Can't Wait To Shave My Head"

19 July 2012, 09:51 | Updated: 19 July 2012, 10:11

The 'Domino' star says she is looking forward to seeing her dark blonde roots after shaving her head for charity.

Jessie J says she "can't wait" to do her charity head shave in the near future and has revealed her hair is naturally dark blonde when she doesn't dye it.

The 'Who You Are' singer has vowed to shave her head to raise money and confirmed this week that the sponsored shave will be happening relatively soon, claiming she is looking forward to the experience.

"I want to make sure it is worth it and make sure I raise a lot of money," Jessie revealed to the Daily Mirror today (19th July). "I can't wait, to be honest. I think I'm going to love it.

"My hair grows so quick, but it's naturally dark blonde," she explained. "Seeing my natural roots will be interesting."

The 'Domino' singer promised to announce the name of her chosen charity very "soon", and admitted that it had taken "a little while" to get things moving to make sure she raises the most amount of money possible.

She added: "It's not just as easy as, 'Oh, I'm going to shave my head!', I want to make sure it is worth it and make sure I raise a lot of money,"

Jessie is due to perform live in Camden at this year's iTunes Festival in September, in between working on songs for her second studio album.

View a picture of Jessie J at the Teenage Cancer Trust concert earlier this year below (Credit: PA):

The 24 year-old recently admitted she is keen to have stars like Tinie Tempah, Ed Sheeran and Rihanna feature on her second record, but is aware that it is often about timing difficulties rather than anything else.

Jessie J will release her official autobiography Nice To Meet You on 27th September.