Jessie J Unveils Powerful New Song ‘Masterpiece’ From ‘Sweet Talker’

7 October 2014, 10:12

Jessie J has revealed her latest song from her forthcoming album ‘Sweet Talker’ – and she doesn’t disappoint!

Jessie J never lets us down when it comes to new songs, and her latest offering, ‘Masterpiece’, lives up to the stellar tracks we have heard from her new album so far.

‘Masterpiece’ is the latest track Jessie has revealed from her forthcoming album ‘Sweet Talker’, following on from ‘Bang Bang’ and ‘Burnin Up’.

‘Sweet Talker’ promises to be full of the incredible vocals we are used to from Jessie, and represents a whole new chapter in the singer’s life.

Jessie J recently told us, “I wanted to continue with the big vocals, the risky, really soulful, big, in your face singing after ‘Bang Bang’. I didn’t want to go anywhere too different." 

‘Sweet Talker’ will be released on 13th October.

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