Jessie J gets to work on new album

Jessie J has revealed that's she already started working on her second album.

The singer, who only released her debut 'Who You Are' last month, said that she's been cracking on writing new material.

"For the next album, I've got three or four songs already written,' she said. 'I've had all my life to write this first album and I don't want to end up having six weeks to write the second." 

Jess, who has already scored a Number One hit with 'Price Tag', also reckons her second album will be even better than her debut. 

'A lot of the recordings I did for the first album are from four or five years ago,' she told The Daily Star.

'On the next album I want to take how good I am in concert on to the record.' 

The singer also revealed that she's currently working on the video for her next single.

'At Heathrow again, off to a secret location to do the video for 'Nobody's Perfect',' she tweeted before later adding: 'I am blown away at this set!! I actually nearly cried!! Its incredible... Built from SCRATCH!!'